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Boats and Races

All racing will be in our modern fleet of SWIFT boats.  In each boat class we have four identical boats that are suitable for rowers up to 105 kgs.   The only alteration permitted will be to the position of the foot stretcher.

Note the stroke of the fours and quads will have to be able to fit into size 10 shoes.

The FISA age categories will apply with crews categorised by the average age of the crew.


Sunday will be devoted to 1,000m (approx.) races over an unlaned course in the following boat classes:

M1x, W1x, M2x, W2x, M4x, W4x, M4-, W4-, Mixed 8+

Depending on the number and mix of entries, additional boat classes for mixed crews may be offered.


Monday will be devoted to a head’s race timed over a buoyed triangular course of 6 kms (approx.) for M1x, W1x, M2x and W2x boat classes.  Depending on the entries, it may be necessary to limit rowers either to the 1x or the 2x for the heads race.